Department of Agricultural Economics

Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2020 Luh, Yir-Hueih*, Min-Han Tsai, Chen-Ling Fang, Do First-Movers in the Organic Market Stand to Gain? Implications for Promoting Cleaner Production Alternatives, Journal of Cleaner Production, 262, pp121156-, (SCIE)
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2020 Luh, Y.-H*, Inclusiveness of Contract Farming along the Modern Food Supply Chain: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan, Agriculture (S: Agricultural Economics, Policies, and Rural Management), 66, 5, pp1221-1247, (SSCI)
2020 Luh, Yir-Hueih, D. Fang, Performance of the Extension Department in Taiwan Farmers’ Associations: Does Employee Attitude Make a Difference?, International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics , (EconLit)
2020 Luh, Y.-H. and Y.-S. Fann, Hypermarkets, Agricultural Production and Farm Household Economics, Journal of Agricultural Marketing, in Chinese, (Forthcoming)
2020 Chang, Y.-C., Luh, Y.-H., A Preliminary Evaluation of the Young Farmer Policy: Human Resource Perspective, Quarterly Journal of Cooperative Economics
2020 Liou, Je-Liang, Pei-Chun Hsu, and Pei-Ing Wu, The Effect of China's Open-door Tourism Policy on Taiwan: Promoting or Suppressing Tourism from Other Countries to Taiwan?, Tourism Management , 78, 104055, DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2019.104055, (SSCI, Scopus)
2020 蔡孟珂、吳珮瑛、劉哲良, 多元開放空間破碎或分散對住民效益之評估――台中市都市計畫的探索, 地理學報, 95, (TSSCI)
2020 Wun-Ji Jiang, Yir-Hueih Luh*, Min-Han Tsai, How does Foreign R&D Affect OECD Export Competitiveness?, Singapore Economic Review, (SSCI, EconLit)
2020 台灣課徵碳稅面面觀――「有感」空氣污染降 低引領之共伴效益, 台灣國際研究季刊, 16, 2, pp1-78