Department of Agricultural Economics

Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2018 Eliseo Arauz Quiroz and Fung-Mey Huang, A Study of Efficiency and Productivity Changes for the Agricultural Sector in Central America – A DEA Approach, Journal Of International Cooperation, 13, 1, pp37-60
2018 Jacobson, M., Y. H. Shr, F. Dalemans, R. Ciannella, and C. Magaju , Using a Choice Experiment Approach to Assess Production Tradeoffs for Developing the Croton Value Chain in Kenya, Forest Policy and Economics, 86, pp76-85, (SCI, SSCI)
2018 Newton, J., P. Newman, D. Taff, Y. H. Shr, C. Monz, and A. D’Antonio, If I Can Find a Parking Spot: A Stated Choice Approach to Grand Teton National Park Visitors' Transportation Preferences, Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, In Press
2018 Griffie, D., L. James, S. Goetz, B. Balotti, Y. H. Shr, M. Corbin, and T. Kelsey, Outcomes and Economic Benefits of Penn State Extension’s Dining with Diabetes Program, Preventing Chronic Disease – Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy, 15, (SCI, SSCI)
2017 吳珮瑛、陳懿、劉哲良, 台北市與新北市各行政區之淹水損失地圖 ——空間分量特徵價格迴歸之評估, 農業與經濟, 58, (TSSCI)
2017 劉哲良、邱可甄、吳珮瑛, 清潔發展機制對溫室氣體減量之成本效 率與成本差異分析——共同邊界架構之應用, 農業與經濟, 59 , MOST104-2410-H-002-218, (TSSCI)
2017 Wu, Pei-Ing, Szu-Hao Chen, and Je-Liang Liou, A General Model for Treatment of Protests and No-answer Responses in Contingent Valuation Method, Environmental Economics, 8, 2, pp38-49, (EconLit)
2017 Wu, Pei-Ing, Ke-Zhen Qiu, and Je-Liang Liou, Project Cost Comparison under the Clean Development Mechanism to Inform Investment Selection by Industrialized Countries, Journal of Cleaner Production, 166, pp1347-1356. MOST104-2410-H-002-218, (SCI, Scopus)
2017 曾景瀚、雷立芬、官俊榮、黃聖茹, 台北市消費者於傳統市場購買意願之研究, 農業經濟叢刊, 23, 1, pp45-74, (TSSCI)
2017 林庭安、雷立芬, 全面實施電宰對有色肉機產業之影響, 農產運銷半年刊, 156, pp47-55