Department of Agricultural Economics

Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2019 Hung-Hao Chang, Chad Meyerhoefer, Inter-brand Competition in the Convenience Store Industry, Store Density and Healthcare Utilization, Journal of Health Economics, 65, pp117-132, (SSCI)
2019 王正環、陸怡蕙, 台灣休閒農業效益的影響因素分析, 亞太經濟, 202期, pp140-145
2019 Liou, Je-Liang, Alan Randall, Pei-Ing Wu, and Han-Huei Chen, Monetarizing Spillover Effects of Soil- and Groundwater- Contaminated Sites in Taiwan: How Much Higher Housing Price People Pay to Avert?, Asian Economic Journal , 33, 1, pp67-86, (SSCI, Scopus)
2019 Sanae Tashiro and Lo, Chu-Ping, When Social Norms Influence the Employment of Women: The Case of Japan, Eastern Economic Journal, (EconLit, Scopus)
2019 Shr, Y. H. and K. Zipp, The Aftermath of Flood Zone Remapping: the Asymmetric Impact of Flood Maps on Housing Prices, Land Economics, 92, 2, pp174-192, (SCI, SSCI)
2019 Shr, Y. H., R. Ready, B. Orland, and S. Echols, How Do Visual Representations Influence Survey Responses? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Landscape Attributes of Green Infrastructure, Ecological Economics, 156, pp375-386, (SCI, SSCI)
2019 (SCI, SSCI, Forthcoming)
2019 蔡孟珂、吳珮瑛、劉哲良, 空間特徵分量Durbin模型之建構――桃園市都市計劃區多元開放空間組合價值之檢視, 都市與計畫, 46, 4, pp297-341, (TSSCI)
2019 Lai, Mei-Chun, Pei-Ing Wu, Je-Liang Liou, Yi Chen, and Hanhui Chen, The Impact of Promoting Renewable Energy in Taiwan: How Much Hail Is Added to Snow in Farmland Prices?, Journal of Cleaner Production, 241, 118519, DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.118519, (SCI, Scopus)
2018 許淑媖和羅竹平*, Market Concentration and Licensing Royalty in Asymmetric Oligopoly, 經濟論文, (TSSCI)