Department of Agricultural Economics

Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2021 Brian Lee, Szu-Yung Wang, Tzu-Chin Lin, Hung-Hao Chang*, Underground Pipeline Explosions and Housing Prices - Quasi-Experimental Evidence in an Urban City, Land Use Policy (科技部區域研究與地理學門國際推薦期刊), (SSCI, 即將出刊)
2021 Hung-Hao Chang*, Brian Lee, Yi-Ting Hsieh, Participation in Afforestation Programs and the Distribution of Forest Farm Income, Forest Policy and Economics (台大傑出期刊), 129, 102505, (SSCI)
2021 Hung-Hao Chang*, Brian Lee, Feng-An Yang, Yu-You Liou, Does COVID-19 Affect Metro Use in Taipei?, Journal of Transport Geography (台大傑出期刊), 91, 102954, (SSCI)
2021 Brian Lee, Hung-Hao Chang*, Szu-Yung Wang, Can Environmental Disamenities Increase Land Values? A Case Study of Manufacturing Factories on Farmland, Journal of Cleaner Production (台大傑出期刊), 279, 10, (SCI)
2021 Hung-Hao Chang, Chad Meyerhoefer, COVID-19 and the Demand for Online Food Shopping Services: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan, American Journal of Agricultural Economics (科技部經濟學領域A級期刊), 103, 2, (SCI, SSCI)
2021 Brian Lee, Hung-Hao Chang*, Szu-Yung Wang, Solar Power Promotion Plans, Energy Market Liberalization, and Farmland Prices - Empirical Evidence from Taiwan, Energy Economics (科技部區域研究與地理學門國際推薦期刊, 台大傑出期刊), 99, 105317, (SSCI)
2021 Housing Property along Riverbanks in Taipei, Taiwan: A Spatial Quantile Modelling of Landscape Benefits and Flooding Losses, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23, 2, pp2404-2438, (SCI, Scopus)
2021 Yun-Cih Chang, Min-Fang Wei*, Yir-Hueih Luh*, Choice of Modern Food Distribution Channels and Its Welfare Effects: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan, Agriculture, (SCI)
2021 Yir-Hueih Luh*, Yun-Cih Chang, Effect of Climate Change on Staple Food Production: Empirical Evidence from a Structural Ricardian Analysis, Agronomy (SI: Consumption and Production Patterns for Agricultural Sustainable Development), 11, pp369-, (SCIE)
2021 Min-Fang Wei, Yir-Hueih Luh*, Yu-Hsin Huang, Yun-Cih Chang, Young Generation’s Mobile Payment Adoption Behavior: Analysis Based on an Extended UTAUT Model, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research , 109期, pp1-39, (TSSCI)