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1378 ohnston econometric methods
1379 carter theory of wages and employment
1380 sirkin introduction to macroeconomic theory
1381 klein &ohkawa economic growth
1382 estey business cycles
1383 allen macro-economic theory
1384 islam agricultural policy in developing countries
1385 fox & johnson readings in the economics of agriculture
1386 grey & elliott economic issues and policies
1387 heady & dillon agricultural poroduction functions
1388 mccarthy introduction to statistical readsoning
1389   readings in price theory
1390 dowell & bjorka livestock marketing
1391 shepherd agricultural price analysis
1392 samuelson economics
1393 black & kiefer future food  and agriculture policy
1394 snedecor statistical methods
1395 hicks value and capital
1396 schneider pricing and equilibrium
1398 okhawa differential structure and agriculture
1399 wang & apthorpe rice farming in taiwan: three villages studies
1400 lewis the theory of economic growth
1401   problems and policies of american agriculture
1402 allen mathematical analysis for economists
1403 smail calculus
1404 mckean efficiency in government through systems analysis
1406 dwyer linear computations
1407 kindleberger international economics
1408 goldberger econometric theory
1409 koopmans activity analysis of production and allocation
1410 kilby industrialzation in an open economy: nigeria 1945-1966
1411 nerlove the dynamics of supply
1412 reynolds economics
1413   readings in business cycles
1414 klein economic fluctuations in the united states 1921-1941
1416 reder studies in the theory of welfare economics
1417 meier international trade and development
1418 hicks the theory of wages
1419 hansen business cycles and national income
1420 schumpeter history of economic analysis
1422 walter international economics: theory and policy
1423 ruggles & ruggles national income accounts and income analysis
1424 kindleberger foreign trade and the national economy
1425 keynes the general theory of employment, interest, and money
1426 schumpeter capitalism, socialism and democracy
1427 triffin gold and the dollar crisis
1428 kindleberger american business abroad
1429 millikan & blackmer the emerging nations: their growth and united states policy
1430 rostow the process of economic growth
1431 hoselitz et al theoryies of economic growth
1432 rostow the stages of economic growth
1433 lange & taylor on the economic theory of socialism
1434 klein an introduction to econometrics
1435 bauer &yamey the economics of under-developed countries
1436 scitovsky welfare and competition
1437 shepherd marketing farm products
1438 dixey international explorations of agricultural economics
1439 hood & koopmans studies in econometric methods
1440 allen mathematical economics
1442 wolf & richardson readings in finance
1443 asher et al development of the emerging countries
1444 rong I wu the strategy of economic development: a case study of taiwan
1445 heilbroner the making of economic society
1446 katz & mcgowan a selected list of U. S. readings on development
1447 shell essays on the theory of optimal economic growth
1448   tropical legumes:resources for the future
1449   world food and nutrition
1450 heilbroner under-standing micro-economics
1451 yukio&shoichi foreign aid and economic growth of deveolping asian countries
1452 tinbergen shaping the world economy
1453 goldberg introduction to difference equations
1455 robinson the economics of imperfect competition
1456   man's impact on the global environment
1457 eckstein communist china's economic growth and foreing trade
1458 buck land utilization in china
1459 von neumann&morgenstern theory of games and economic begavior
1460 kuznets modern economic growth :rate,structure and spread
1461   appropritae technologies for developong countries
1462 bowles eta al notes and problems in microconomic theory
1463 lewis the principles of economic planning
1464 adelman theories of economic growth and developnemt
1465 ingram thternational economic problems
1466 meade a neo-classical theory of economic growth
1467 tinbergen the design of development
1468 ostle statistics in research
1469 kindleberger economic development
1470 rostow the stages of economic growth
1471 knorr&baumol what proce ceonomic growth
1472 girschman the strategy of economic growth
1473 kelley general otpology
1474 pitman commercial correspondence and commercial english
1475 bhagwati the economics of underdeveloped countries
1476 robinson an essay on marxian
1477 robinson exercises in economic analysis
1478 hawkins the principles of development aid
1479 metcalf the economics of agriculture
1480 lewis quiet crisis in indis
1481 tintner mathenatics and statistics for enomonists
1482 phelps the goal of economic growth
1483 perlman wage determination:market or power forces
1484 solow growth theory:on exposition
1485 toynbee the industrial revolution
1486 yeager international monetary relations
1487 mieier leading issues in developnemt
1488 yinynrt the variate difference methods
1489 dsmurlson economics:an introductory analysis
1490 heady economics of agricultural production and resurce use
1491 schultz the economic organization of agiculture
1493 eicherwitt agriculaurein econimic development
1494 bornstein comparative economic systens
1497 mood introduction ot the theory of statictics
1498 thorbecke the role of agriculrur in economic development
1500 todaro economics for a developong world
1502 southworth&johnston agricultural developnemt and economic growth
1504 hayami&ruttan agricultural developmnent
1505   encyclopedia of cost accounting systins v.i v.ii v.iii
1506 patinkin miney, interest,and prices
1508   readings in macro-econimic theory
1510 meade the balance of payments
1511 fei&ranis development of the oabor surplus economy
1512 goddard mathenatical technigues of operational researcn
1514 chang agriculature and industrialization
1515 wharton subsistence agriculture and economic growth
1516 koopmans statistical inference in dynamic economic meldls
1517 cramer mathenatical methods of statidtics
1518 gale the throry of oineat economic models
1519 Bassie Economic forecasting
1520 Hoel Introduction to mathematical statistics
1521 Dawson Communist Chain's agriculture
1522 Shields Linear algebra
1523 Berge The theory of graphs and its applications
1524 Georgesw-Roegen Analytical economics
1525 Lin Industrialization in Taiwan, 1946-72
1526 Yotopoulos&Nugent Economics of development: empirical investigation
1527 Hayek The pure theory of capital
1528 Heller International monetary economics
1529 Balassa The structure of protection in developing countries
1530 Chayanov The theory of peasant economy
1532 Vanek International trade: theory and economic policy
1533   The allocation of economic resources
1534 Machlup International  payments, debts, and gold
1535   Methodological procedures in the economic analysis of fertilizer use data
1536 Black et al Accounting in business decisions
1537 Walras Elements of pure economics
1538 Ore Graphs and their uses
1541 Schultz The economic value of education
1542 Dewey Logic
1543 Agarwala&Singh The economics of underdeveloped
1544 Bruton Principles of development economics
1545   Readings in economic development
1546 Hirashima The structure of disparity in developing agriculture
1547 Schultz Agriculture in an unstable economy
1548 Sirkin Introduction to macro-economic theory
1549 Sigmund The ideologies of the developing nations
1550 Bunee The economics of soil conservation
1552 Staley The future of  underdeveloped countries
1553 Myint The economics of the developing countries
1554 Henderson&Quandt Macroeconomic theory: a mathematical approach
1555 Schickele Agriculture policy
1556 Schultz Transforming traditional agriculture
1557 Ashley The economic organisation of England
1560 Lewis An introduction to mathematics for students of economics
1561 Taylor Advanced calculus
1562 Kemeny et al Introduction to finite mathematics 
1564 Harrod towards a dynamic economics
1565 Brown The economics of labor
1567 Tinbergen On the theory of economic policy
1568 Rader American business today and tomorrow
1570 Boulding Economic analysis
1571 Little A critique of welfare economics
1572 Boulding A reconstruction of economics
1573 Porterfield Investment decisions and capital costs
1574 Bodkin The wage-price-prcx:1uctivity nexus
1575    Readings in economic growth
1576 Metzger Elementary mathematical programming
1577 Bodlin Economic development and growth
1578 Leibenstein Economic backwardness and economic growth
1579   Accelerated development in southern Africa
1580 Chamberlin The theory of rronopolistic competition
1581 lerner The economics of control
1582 Newman&Logan Business policies and central management
1583 hood & Koopmans Studies in econometric method
1584 Schumpeter The theory of economic development
1585 Li Industrialial development in communist China
1586 Malthus Principles of population
1587 Hauser The population dilemma
1588 Nove The Soviet economy
1589 Cournot The mathematical principles of the theory of weulth
1590 Ricardo The principles of political economy and taxation
1591 Tinbergen Central planning
1592 Knight On the history and method of economics
1593 Duessenberry Income saving and the theory of consumer behavior
1595 Aitken Determinants and matrices
1596 Bauer&Yamey The economics of under-developed countries
1597 Anderson&Bancroft Statistical theory in research
1598 Bailey National income and the price level
1599 Adelman&Thorbecke The theory and design of economic development
1600 Little&Mirrlees Project appraisal and planning for developing countries
1601 Tintner Econometrics
1602 Mosher Getting agriculture moving
1603 Shepherd Agricultural price anc1 income policy
1604 Jones An introduction to mcxlern theor ies of economic growth
1605   Strategy for development
1607 Zellner Readings in economic statistics and econometrics
1608 Meier Leading issues in economic development
1610 Clement et al Theoretical issues in international economics
1611 Lele The design of rural development
1612 Dorfman et al Linear programming and economic analysis
1613 Kemp The pure theory of international trade
1614 Samuelson Fundations of economic analysis
1615 Mosher Creating a progressive rural structure
1616 Finkbeiner Matrices and linear transformations
1617 Yamane Mathematics for economists
1618 Shen The Sino-Arner ican Joint comission on rural reconstruction
1619 Jacoby U. S. aid to Taiwan
1620 Chisholm Unbough t and unbossed
1621   Readings in the theory of income distribution
1622 Schultz Production & Welfare of agriculture
1623 Baumol conomic dynamics
1624 Enke Economics for development
1625 Chenery&Clark Interindlstry economics
1626 Mosak General equilibrium theory in international trade
1627 Lange Price flexibility and employment
1628 Freund Modern elementary statistics
1629 Wilks Mathematical statistics
1630 Kelley et al  Dualistic economic development
1631   Readings in the theory of international trade
1632 Stigler The theory of price
1633 Borton Selected reaoing~, to accompany getLng agr iCL11 ture moving
1634   Giving in America
1635 Robinson The accumulation of capital
1636 Sen Choice of techniques
1637 Ackley Macroeconomic theory
1638 Tobin National economic policy
1639 Li The experience of clynJmic economic growth on Taiwon
1640 Wolinsky Lodejinsky: agrarian reform as unfinished business
1641 Mueller Readings in macroeconomics
1642   Why labor leaves the land
1643 Ross Perspectives on the social order
1644   The face of rural America; 1976 yearbook o[ agriculture
1645   An introduction to diqit0l computers
1646 Smith  Orientation course fortran computer programming
1647 Ayres Schaum's outline series theory and problems of matrices
1648   New long-range economic plan of Japan
1649   Agriculture and economic development V.I, V.II
1650   Income distribution, employment and economic development in Southeast
 and EaE.t l\sia  V. 1. V.•II
1651   Proceedings. The first APCUR, Taipei, ROC
1653 Mosher To create a modern agriculture
1654 Kwoh Farmer's associations and ~leir contributions toward agricultural and rural development in Taiwan
1655 NAS Resource sensing from space
1656 Butwell Southeast Asia today-and tomorrow
1657   The Federal reserve system
1658   Asian agricultural survey 1969, 1976
1659 Thiam&Ong Readings in Asian farm management
1660   Regional seminar on agriculture 1969
1661 Ishikawa Agricultural development strategies in Asia
1662 Hirashima Hired labor in rural Asia
1663   Postharvest food losses in developing countries
1664   Water distribution troining course
1665   Water meters- selection, installation, testing, and maintenance
1666 Shen Agriculture's place in the strategy of development
1667   ProceeeJing. AWW seminar on developing water rates
1668 Hayami Anatomy of 3 peasunt economy
1669   Interpretive anaJysis of selected papers from changes in r ice farming in selected areas of Asia
1670   Water distribution operator training handbook
1671   Water utility managenment
1672   Processing water-treatment-plant sludge
1673 Borton Selected redings to accompany getting agriculture moving
1674 Borton Case studies
1675 Tsour Estimates of a dynamic demand for money model
1676   The consumers union report on family planning
1677   Farm mechanization in East Asia
1678 Mosher An introduction to agricultural exyension
1679 Meer Farm plot dispersal: Luliao village, Taiwan
1680   The budget in brief Japan 1974
1681 Kan Issues and orientation of contemporary economic theory
1682   Handbook of occupational safety and health standards for water utilities
1683 Hsueh An econometric model for Taiwan economic development
1684 Wetmore et al Policies for expanding the demand for farm food products pt.I,pt.II
1685 Koch Funktionale Strukturwandlungen in Taiwan
1686   Handbook of taste and odor control experiences int th Us and Canada
1687 White Technology, employment, and development
1688 Warton Malayan rubber supply conditions
1689 Warton Research on agriucltural development in Southeast Asia
1690 Warton The role of farmer education in agriucltural growth
1691 Foster Research on agriucltural development in Southeast Asia
1692 Mosher Serving agriculture as administrator
1693 Shen Agricultural development in Taiwan Province ROC
1694 AWWA Simplified procedures for water examination-laboratory manual
1695 AWWA Backflow revention and cross-connection control
1696   Economic development , Taiwan ROC
1697 Johnson&Kilby Agricultural strategies, rural-urban interactions and the expansion of income opportunities
1698 Lien Proceedings of th Third Sino-American conference on Mainland China
1699 IRRI Siminar on economics of rice production in the Philippines
1700 IRRI Annual report for 1972, 1973, 1975
1701 IRRI Interpretive analysis of selected papers from changes in rice farming in selected areas of Asia
1702 IRRI Economic consequences of the new rice technology
1703   Changes in agriculture in 26 developing nations 1948-1963
1704 Uphoff&Esman Local organization for rural development in Asia
1705 George&King Consumer demand for food commodities int th United States with projections for 1980
1706 IRRI Rice policy conference: current papers on rice technology
1707 IRRI Production and market relationship for rice and corn in the Philippines
1708 Rada&Berquist Irrigation effieciency in the production of California crop calories and proteins
1709 Rada&Berquist Irrigation efficiency in producing calories and proteins
1710 Chen&Bailey Agricultural credit int Taiwan
1711   General observations on agriuclture in Thailand
1712 Stavis People's communes and rural development in China
1713 Stavis Rural local governance and agriucltural development in Taiwan
1714   Training and research for extended rural development in Asia
1715   Rice policy conference: field trips
1716 U.N. Import substitution and export diversification in Ecafe countries
1717 Huang Wages and incomes of agr icultural workers in Taiwan
1718 Kuo Income distribution by size in Taiwan area- changes and causes
1719 McCarthy Sampling: element3ry principles
1720 OEEC Farm management
1721 Ou A handbook of rice diseases in the tropics
1722   A guide for tea leaders in technical assistance projects
1723   Economic report of the President
1724 USDA Agricultural policies of foreign governments
1725 USDA The agricultural situation in the People's Republic of China and other Asian communist countries
1726 USDA Measures and procedures for analysis of U.S. food consumption
1727 USDA Computational methods for handling systems of simultaneous equations
1728 USDA Major statistical series of the USDA v.2, 3, 5, 6
1729 Small Returns to public investment in water control in Southeast Asia: a case study of Lhe greater Chao Phya project of TIlailand
1730   A summary of the Republic of China's six-year plan for economic development in Taiwan 1976-1981
1731 Hsing-Yin Chen Structure and productivity of capital in the agriculture of Taiwan and their policy implications to agricultural finance
1732 Marcia Min-ron Lee Ong Changes in farm level savings and consumption in Taiwan 1960-1970
1733 Lav et al The Impact of redistribution instruments on the equilibrium' of the farm economy: a micro-simulation approach
1734 Abel Irrigation systems in Taiwan: management of a decentralized public enterprise
1735 Mellor The functions of agriucltural prices in economic development
1736   Framework for policy research on economic development
1737 Barker Use of linear programming in making farm management decisions
1738 Ferguson Umemployment: its scope, measurement, and effect on poverty
1739   Constraints to high yields on ASldn rice farms: an interim report
1740 Science, Technology&Development V. I Natural resources: energy water and river basin development
1741   V. II Natural resources: minerals and mining mapping and geodetic control
1742   V. III Agriculture
1743   V. IV Industrial development
1744 Science, Technology&Development V. V Transportation
1745   V.VII Social problems of development and urbanization
1746   V. VIII Organiz;:1tiol1, planning, and programming for economic development
1747   V. IX Scientific and technological policy, planning, and organization
1748   V. X International cooperation and problems of transfer and adaptation
1749   V.XI Human resources': training of scientific and technical personnel
1750   V.XII Communications
1751 Lele Working of grain markets in selected states, India 1955-56 to1964-65
1753 Desai Growth of fertilizer use in Indian agriculture
1754 Bawa Agricultural production and industrial capital formation, India 1951-52 to 1964-65
1755 Shukla An economic analysis of farm resource use, Jabalpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India, 1967-68
1756 Schroeder&Sisler The impact of the Sonauli-Pokhara highway on the regional income and agricultural proc1uction of Pokhara Valley, Nepal
1757 Schroeder&Parikh The interaction of co-operative credit and uncertainty in samll farmer adoption of the new cereal varieties
1758 Mellor Developing science and technology systems -- Experience and lessons from agriculture
1759 Schroeder The role of co-operative credit in small farmer adoption the new cereal varieties in India
1760 Van der Veen A study of small industries in Gujarat State, IndIa
1761 Desai Economics of resource use on sample farms of central Gujarat
1762 Donovan Employment generation in agriculture: a study in Mandya district, South India
1763 Mellor&Mudahar Iv1cXJernizing agr icul ture, employment and economic growth -a simulation model-
1764 Mellor&Mudahar Simulating a developing economy with modernizing agri ltural sector
1765 Mellor et al Estimates of  production foodgrain and marketings from nput estimates, India, 1945/50 1973/74 and projections to 1983/84
1766 Mehra Some aspects of labour use in Indian agriculture
1767 Parthasarathy&Mudahar Foodgrain prices and economic growth
1768 Goldman&Ranade Food consumption behavior by income class in rural and urban Philippines
1769   Auto in the city
1770   Transportation and urban development
1771 JCRR,Tsui A study on rural labor mobility in relation to industrialization and urbanization in Taiwan
1772 Chen Structure and productivity of capital in the agriculture of Taiwan and their folicy implications to agriucltural finance
1773 Wang Technological changes and agriucltural development of Taiwan 1964-65
    " General report
    No. XIII 1962
    NO. 25   1972  ; NO.32 1975
  The Institute of Monograph Series   No. 2-12
  Academia Sinica Economic papers   Selected English Series NO. 1,3-7
    Academia Economic Papers  Special Reprint Series No. 1, 4-8 10
    Report  1972
    Population Papers  No. 1,2, 4
  The Institute of Monograph Series   No. 2-12
  Three Principles  
  of the People Papers in Social Science Paper
  Academia Sihica Papers in Social Science Reprint
    The First Asian-Pacific Conference on urban reconstruction
     List of papers presented to the conference
     First Session 1-4,7
     Second"   2-6,9,11,12
     Third"  1, 3-5, 7-10
     Fourth"  1-8
  Cornell International Agricultural Development Mimeograph 26,29,33
  Cornell International Agricultural Development Reprint 35,36
    ADC Paper  Dec. 1966, May 1967, Nov.1967
    ADC Reprint   May 1966, August 1962,  March 1968
    ADC Teaching and Research Forum No. 18-21
      Economic Impact No.3, 4,17,24
      South African Digest 1979 Sept. 7 - Nov. 2 ; 1980 Jan- Feb.
      Agricultural Mechanization in Asia V. VIII No.1; V.XII No.3
      International Development Review 1976/3, 1979/4
  U. N.   Economic Bulletin for Asia And the Far East Vol. XI No.1, 2: V. XIV No.3
      The Journal of Economic Behavior V. 16 no. 4
  USDA   Agricultural Economic Research V. 25 no. 4
      Dialogue V. 5 no.3; V.6 no.l,2; V.l0 no. 2,3; V.ll no. 1,3
      Foreign Agriculture Sept. 1979, Oct. 1979, Nov. 1979, Jim. 1980, July 1981
      Finance & Development V. 16 no. 4
      International Journal of Agrarian Affairs V. IV no. 5 
      Conference on Modern Chinese Economic History 27 vols
      Taiwan Statistical Data Book 1969, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1981