Department of Agricultural Economics

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The Goal of Education

The Goal of Education of The Department of Agricultural Economic

Our top goal in teaching our students is to provide them with superior training in the field of agricultural economics.  The undergraduate courses are designed to offer students systematic exposition of applied analyses and to build up their intuitive grasp of analytic tools.  The core requirements for the undergraduate major include, among others, economics, statistics, accounting, agricultural development, marketing of agricultural products, and the economics of natural resources.  Our undergraduate program prepares students for employment opportunities in academic or nonacademic careers.  Many of our graduates have distinguished public service records for having  played a major role in shaping agricultural policies of the country.

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The Masters program is designed to give students a sound foundation in economic theory and quantitative methods to prepare them for advanced study or professional needs.  The Department of Agricultural Economics has a strong tradition of one-on-one mentoring of graduate students. Our Ph.D. program not only stresses the state-of-the-arts theory, but also provides an academic environment conducive to teamwork among faculty and students.  The training helps students develop the ability of original thinking and researching in specialized fields.

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