Conference Paper

Year Paper Title
2023 會議論文, May. 18-21, 2023
2022 Wu, Pei-Ing, Je-Liang Liou, and Ta-Ken Huang, Benefits and Health Co-benefits Evaluation of GHGs Reduction from Industrial Sector of Taiwan under Carbon Charge in 2023-2030, Paper Presented at the 12th Asian Conference of Regional Science, 會議論文, Aug. 07-09, 2022, South Korea: Ulsan
2022 施正鋒、吳珮瑛, 英國與跨太平洋夥伴全面進步協定, 發表於台灣國際研究學會主辦「跨太平洋夥伴全面進步協定(CPTPP)」學術研討會, 會議論文, May. 28, 2022, 台北:台大校友會館
2021 The Amount of Monetary Benefits of Phasing out the Dioxin-like Compounds ‘Century Poison’ Emissions in Half a Century, the 10th Congressof the Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics , 會議論文, Aug. 20-21, 2021, Korea: Seoul National University
2020 臺灣戴奧辛減量的健康效益評估:單位均化效益指標之應用臺灣戴奧辛減量的健康效益評估:單位均化效益指標之應用, 台灣環境與資源經濟學會2020年學術研討會, 會議論文, Dec. 12, 2020, 台北:淡江大學
2020 Benefit Evaluation of Urban Open Space and Cropland with Embedded NIMBY and YIMBY Facilities, 2020 Annual Conference of Taiwan Environmental and Resource Economics, 會議論文, Dec. 12, 2020, Taipei:Tamkang University
2019 Huang, Li-Fu, Pei-Ing Wu, and Je-Liang Liou, An Analysis of High-pick Pear Insurance against Natural Disasters in Taiwan, National Economics University Workshop, CLIMATE CHANGE AND AGRICULTURE: Status, Impacts, Adaptation, and Insurance in Vietnam and Taiwan, 會議論文, 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam
2019 Lai, M.C., P.I. Wu, J.L. Liou, and Y. Chen, he Impact of Promoting Renewable Energy in Taiwan — How Much Hail Is Added to Snow for Farmland Prices?, 2019 Current Legal and Policy Issues of Climate Change in Asia and Europe at the Post-Paris Agreement Era, 會議論文, Aug. 01-02, 2019, Singapore
2018 會議論文, Dec. 08, 2018
2018 會議論文, Dec. 08, 2018