【Guest Visiting】Fullbright Delegation

  • 2022-09-14
  • Hsiu-Chi Chu
Fullbright Fullbright
Dr. Hung-hao Chang, the Chair of the Dept. of Agricultural Economics of NTU warmly received 2 guests from the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fullbright Taiwan)- the Executive Director Dr. Randall L. Nadeau and his U.S. Program Manager Ms. Charlie Cheng. This visit is made on the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the mutual cooperation between the Foundation and the Dept.
Since the beginning of the cooperation between these two parties in 2015 there has been 5 US students received the NTU Master’s Degree Program Award in Agricultural Economics, Dr. Nadeau stated. Therefore, both institutes’ mutual goal is to keep attracting more American bachelor’s degree students to be aware of the information and the benefits of Fullbright Award in Agricultural Economics in NTU, while adding incentives for applicants by looking for opportunities of further cooperation in inviting international visiting lecturers to Agricultural Economics Dept. to enrich its program. Dr. Nadeau also took the invitation from Prof. Chang to visit the Dept. again to promote their award provided to the Taiwanese Master and Ph.D Students to study Ph.D programs in the US.