2019 New International Student Orientation Party

  • 2019-09-26
  • Hsiu-Chi Chu
In order to officially welcome all international students as well as allowing international students to know each other, the Department of Agricultural Economics and its Student Union organized “2019 New International Student Orientation Party” at 12:30 on 26 September, 2016 at AE classroom 2.
There were in total 31 students participating in this party, including 18 undergraduate international and overseas Chinese students, 8 master students and 5 from the student union. This is the first communion activity for international students since 2018 fall semester.
This laid-back pizza buffet party is started by the PTT orientation briefing of Alan Wu, manager of International Master’s Program for the introduction of the department’s required courses, faculty and facilities, followed by the introduction of the Student Union and it’s coming activities this semester, presented by Chun-yi Lee, the representative of Student Union. All participants are requested to introduce themselves to everyone in the party. This event had made everybody closer and all new international students are officially welcomed into the family of Agricultural Economics Department.