Graduate student Brian Lee experiencing “2-day farmer” in Longgong Farm

  • 2020-01-31
  • Hsiu-Chi Chu
Mr. Brian Lee, 2nd year graduate student of the Agricultural Economics Department from the United States, visited Longgong Farm and experienced 2-day farmer from 31st January to 1st February.

Longong Farm is a modern recreational farm owned and organized by Mr. C.D.Chuang, deputy minister of Ocean Affairs Council with the facilities of vegetable farms, fruit farms, chicken farms and fish pools. Dr. Chuang kindly invited all international students from Agricultural Economics Department to experience one-day farmer and, if interested, have a 10 day internship in the farm. Internship certificate will be issued to those who have completed the internship.

With the accompany of Dr. Chuang and Alan Wu, Brian help cultivate the garden and visited the rest part of the farm including fruit and vegetable farm, chicken farm and the nearby farms in the village. This is the best way to understand the agricultural culture in Northen Taiwan.