Visiting of Calla lily farm in Zhuzihu, March 21th, 2021

  • 2021-03-26
  • Hsiu-Chi Chu
On March 26th 2021, 27 students, including 7 international postgraduate students, led my Prof. Lei, visited a Calla lily farm in Zhuzihu operated by a Dept. of Agricultural Economics graduate as part of Agricultural Economics undergraduate course.
It was the very first and opening day of the long-running Calla Lilly season in Zhuzihu, Yangming Mountain in Taipei and the owner of the farm warmly welcomed all students and kindly introduced the local history of Calla Lily farming industry and the current business to all students. Everyone was allowed to pick up the Calla lilies to take home for free to experience the hard works of Calla lily farmers. Before coming back to downtown, all students had a great lunch in the farm restaurant where local food was served. It was truly a productive and fruitful day for all Agricultural Economics students.