Department of Agricultural Economics

Journal Paper

Year Paper Title
2020 臺灣農業部門溫室氣體排放趨勢推估 - 動態可計算一般均衡模型之應用, 台灣經濟預測與政策, 51, 1, pp111-157, (TSSCI)
2020 Hung-Hao Chang, Daniel D. Sokol, Advocacy versus Enforcement in Antitrust Compliance Programs, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 本文榮獲2021年全球Antitrust Compliance Awards提名, 16, 1, pp36-62, (SSCI)
2020 黃芳玫,葉小婉, 新農保對中國農村中老年人口勞動供給之 影響─CHARLS全國基線數據之實證, 應用經濟論叢, 108, pp117-164, (TSSCI)
2020 黃芳玫,陳欣宜, 農漁會信用部與其他金融機構之薪資差異 與薪資拆解, 農業與經濟, 64, pp1-45
2020 Huang, Fung-Mey, Jen-Che Liao, Chin-Chun Yi, The Impact of Labor Market Work and Educational Tracking on Student Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Taiwan, Economics of Education Review, 77, pp1-15(2019 IF: 1.354, 5-Year IF: 2.414), (SSCI)
2020 Health Benefit Assessment of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for PM2.5 in Taiwan, Empirical Economics Review, 10, 4, pp313-329, (EconLit)
2019 陳柏琪、蔡憲宗、徐世勳, 坪林地區茶園生產管理績效評估分析, 應用經濟論叢, 106, pp67-106, (TSSCI)
2019 Wu, Pei-Ing, Ya-Qiong Wang, and Je-Liang Liou, Cost Effectiveness Analysis for Emission Trading Mechanisms: A Provincial Simulation of Upcoming Five-year Plans in China, Journal of Cleaner Production, 207, pp225-235, (SCI, Scopus)
2019 Chen, P. C., Yu, M. M., Chang, C. C., and Hsu, S. H., A Reassessment of the Global Food Security Index by Using a Hierarchical Data Envelopment Analysis Approach, European Journal of Operational Research, 272, pp687-698, (SCI, SSCI)
2019 Yir-Hueih Luh*, Min-Fang Wei, Distributional effect of the farmer pension program in Taiwan: A regression-based decomposition analysis, China Agricultural Economic Review, 11, 1, pp180-205, (SSCI, EconLit)