Kang Ernest Liu
Status Full-Time
Name Kang Ernest Liu
Office Tel No. (02)3366-2657
Job title Professor
Year Paper Title
2015 Sung, S.F., Liu, K.E., S. C.C. Chen, C.L. Lo, K.C. Lin and Y.H. Hu, Predicting Factors and Risk Stratification for Return Visits in Children to the Emergency Department within 72 Hours, Pediatric Emergency Care, vol. 31, 12, pp. 819-824(SCIE), 2015
2014 賴韋廷、陳文雄、劉鋼, 蓋設超高壓輸電線的外部成本-以台電「南投–彰林」線路為例, 臺灣經濟預測與政策, vol. 45, 1, pp. 1-39(TSSCI), 2014
2014 Kang Ernest Liu, Chia-Lun Lo and Ya-Han Hu, Improvement of adequate use of warfarin for the elderly using decision tree-based approaches, Methods of Information in Medicine, vol. 53, 1, pp. 47-53(SCIE), 2014
2014 Kuo, H.I., K.E. Liu and C.C. Chen, Modeling Japanese Tourism Demand for Asian Destinations: A Dynamic AIDS Approach, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, vol. 19, 1, pp. 86-102(SSCI), 2014
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2010 Chia-Hung Sun and Kang Ernest Liu,Information Asymmetry and Small Business in Online Auction Markets, Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal, vol. 34, 4, pp. 433-444, 2010
2009 Kang Ernest Liu, A Globally Flexible, Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System: An Application to Demand for Meats and Fish in Taiwan, Applied Economics, vol. 41, 16-18, pp. 2181-2189, 2009
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2002 Kang Ernest Liu and W.S. Chern, Food Demand in Urban China and its Implications for Agricultural Trade: Model Selection Based on Forecasting, 農業與經濟, vol. 29, pp. 75-100, 2002
2001 Kang Ernest Liu, J. Geaun and L.F. Lei, Optimal Hedging Decisions for Taiwanese Corn Traders on the Way of Liberalization, Agricultural Economics, 25, pp. 303-309, 2001