Department of Agricultural Economics

Yau-Huo Shr
Job title Assistant Professor
Name Yau-Huo Shr
Office Tel No.
Experience Postdoctoral Research Associate Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University 2017 –
Research Assistant, Center for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management Pennsylvania State University 2012 – 2017
Project Specialist, Microenterprise Development Program Taiwan Investment and Trade Service Mission in Central America 2010 – 2011
Ph.D., Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics, Pennsylvania State University
Office_Hour By request
Research expertise Environmental Economics, Nonmarket valuation
Year Paper Title
2022 322, 15, (SCIE)
2021 Levenhagen, M. J., Z. D. Miller, A. R. Petrelli, L. A. Ferguson, Y-H. Shr, D. G. Gomes, B. D. Taff, C. White, K. Fristrup, C. Monz, C. J. McClure, P. Newman, C. D. Francis, and J. R. Barber, Ecosystem Services Enhanced through Soundscape Management Link People and Wildlife, People and Nature, 3, 1, pp176-189, (SCIE)
2021 Levenhagen, M. J., Z. D. Miller, A. R. Petrelli, L. A. Ferguson, Y-H. Shr, B. Taff, K. M. Fristrup, C. J. W. McClure, S. Burson, M. Giamellaro, P. Newman, C. D. Francis, and J. R. Barber, Does Experimentally Quieting Traffic Noise Benefit People and Birds?, Ecology and Society, 26, 2, (SSCI, SCIE)
2020 Newton, J., P. Newman, D. Taff, Y. H. Shr, C. Monz, and A. D’Antonio, If I Can Find a Parking Spot: A Stated Choice Approach to Grand Teton National Park Visitors' Transportation Preferences, Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 32, (SSCI)
2019 Shr, Y. H. and K. Zipp, The Aftermath of Flood Zone Remapping: the Asymmetric Impact of Flood Maps on Housing Prices, Land Economics, 92, 2, pp174-192, (SCI, SSCI)
2019 Shr, Y. H., R. Ready, B. Orland, and S. Echols, How Do Visual Representations Influence Survey Responses? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Landscape Attributes of Green Infrastructure, Ecological Economics, 156, pp375-386, (SCI, SSCI)
2018 Jacobson, M., Y. H. Shr, F. Dalemans, R. Ciannella, and C. Magaju , Using a Choice Experiment Approach to Assess Production Tradeoffs for Developing the Croton Value Chain in Kenya, Forest Policy and Economics, 86, pp76-85, (SCI, SSCI)
2018 Griffie, D., L. James, S. Goetz, B. Balotti, Y. H. Shr, M. Corbin, and T. Kelsey, Outcomes and Economic Benefits of Penn State Extension’s Dining with Diabetes Program, Preventing Chronic Disease – Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy, 15, (SCI, SSCI)
2013 Shr, Y. H., Y. H. Luh, F. M. Huang, and W. J. Jiang, Farm Household Income Inequality in Taiwan: The Association of Nonfarm Income and Income Inequality, Agriculture and Economics,, 51, pp27-64, (TSSCI)